Age of Sigmar Starter Box + Paints

So considering how new I am to the whole tabletop experience, I thought (and the store owner suggested) that the starter set for Age of Sigmar would be a good starting point (who would’ve thought?). Usually I’m a bit wary of such products, as most ‘starter sets’ contain a lot of content that you don’t need/want. However if you look at the price of things I think it was quite worth it. It comes with two separate opposing armies (Stormcast and Chaos/Goreblade).

The Stormcast side get quite a few number of miniatures/units. The other starter box available at the store (the Start Collecting! series) offers something similar but lacks one of the units and the entire Chaos army as well. In all honesty, I’m not sure why you wouldn’t buy the starter kit over the other option; if there is a difference please let me know!

I’d list off what you get with the box set but the Games Workshop website or the magic of Google can tell you that.

The box set is quite nicely packaged the first thing that caught my attention was the book included which gave some details about the game, the miniatures and the lore behind it all as well (I enjoy fantasy lore quite a bit!). I may pick up more books just to get more into the story-bits but that’ll come at a later time.

Now, aside from the story elements, I really want to get into the building/painting aspect of the hobby. As such, I also bought the starting paint set (Citadel Essentials) that more or less coincides with the AoS starter box. Basically gives you all the basic colors that you need to paint the two sides. Very conveniently and tactically packaged together I’m sure, well played GW. Also comes with plastic modelling glue and a pair of clippers as well.

My only concern is that if you want to deviate away from the ‘recommended’ paint jobs for your armies, you may be left a little disappointed. I enjoy Roman history quite a bit and the Stormcast army I’ve decided to paint is gonna have a very Romanesque theme to it. Unfortunately, the only red that the box provides is Khorne Red, which is very Chaos-y for my Stormcast army. I am glad however, that they decided to name the paints tray, otherwise I’d forget what color was what pretty quickly.

Regardless, the two purchases are my first step into Warhammer and already I’m itching to get my army on the ground!


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