Malleus Fulminata!

So with one miniature of experience behind me, I now move on to paint an army!

Keeping with a similar theme, I begin the task of priming the models. However, as I am not in the store and do not have everything available to me (such as Chaos Black spray paint) I must therefore prime the models by hand with Imperial Primer black.

Tis but a scratch!

I quickly realise that priming by brush is a lot more effort than by spray paint. Getting all the areas done and evenly without clumping up the paint proves harder than first thought. I will remind my future self to invest in a can of spray paint. I leave the shield hand off so that I can paint the ‘hidden’ areas a bit easier.

Starting similar to the last time, I go with a silver and red scheme. On the first two models I do though, I try for a gold trim on the shield. However, seeing the end result makes me revert back to the original plan. Once the base layers are all done, I glue the shield arm back.

While I like the results of the Nuln Oil shade, I have found that a liberal dosing of it darkens the colours far too much for my liking. My red shields and shoulder pads turn into a dark burgundy which seemed far too “Khorne-y” for my tastes. I had to put on several more layers of Mephiston Red to correct my colour. So for future reference, I think I’ll just apply the shade to areas where I need the darkening such as the silver bits.

After shading and re-colouring some of the base layers, I go on to do a bit of highlighting. For this part, I had to go buy a few more colours, namely: Runefang Steel, Evil Sunz Scarlet and Auric Armour Gold. These colours really help to bring out some of the features on the minis. I added a gold bead on the tassels on the waist-straps, which gives it a nice bit of pop. I kinda wanted to repeat that on all the ‘rivets’ on the armour but that would have been a bit too tedious for me.

One thing that I need to complain about the starter paint set though is the paint brush. After doing these two units, I’ve noticed the starter brush has begun starting to fray. While I can still twist the bristles into a fine point, they quickly separate into two-three prongs. Makes things difficult at times, especially with finer details. I’ll likely buy a replacement brush in the near future.

If you got any critiques or comments, feel free to let me know!


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