Let’s get Chaotic, but not Chaos Black

So my Liberator units are almost done, just gotta paint up the Liberator Prime (their unit leader) and they’ll be ready to die for my glory.

But before I move on to painting those guys, I felt the need to try out the other half of the starter box. Not only that, but they’d be good test subjects for my newest buy: Spray paint.

As mentioned in the previous blog, hand priming everything is a fairly tedious process. Especially when trying to get it sufficiently even and coated. I thus opted to get a can of spray paint. While I’m sure a lot of people would go with the Games Workshop Chaos Black (which is nice I’m sure), I looked on the internet for cheaper options. Rustoleum seemingly had some decent reviews.

SpraysI’m not entirely sure if there is a difference between this and the Chaos black, but I tested it on the ‘Lord of Khorne’s doggy and got similar results to the one that got primed with in-store primer. They are cheaper for sure, meaning I can spend more money on actual colour paints than the undercoats.

One thing to keep in mind is to spray the miniatures in light coats or you risk losing some details as the paint pools into areas. Unfortunately I think I may have been overzealous for one of mine. But we press on.

As a warning to users: please use all spray paints in well ventilated areas. I did it in my apartment at the window (I have a cardboard box-corner set up) and just let them kind of aerate for a bit. Turning on a fan or ventilation system also helps to alleviate the smell.

Anyways, spray priming minis is far faster and convenient than hand painting. If done correctly, they come out very evenly coated and without a single visible brush stroke!

I went on to finish the doggy with some Khorne Red, Bugman’s glow, and Ceramite White for the face. I wanted to get a skull-white/pulled back flesh look for him, which was successful to a degree. I washed the figure with Reikland Flesh-shade and highlighted areas with Evil Sunz Scarlet. I used a bit of dry brushing technique on the bumpy-scales on it’s back, which gives it a nice bit of variation on colour. Overall, pretty happy with how he came out and how the primer has worked. The start of my Chaos army has begun!


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