Malleus Fulminata, assemble!

I finally finished painting the Liberator Prime for my units and now have 2 full units painted and ready to field!

I attempted to make a ‘marbled’ pattern on the primes; and inspiration I got from pinterest. Unfortunately I’m not nearly good enough to get that level of detail, but I feel satisfied with the effect nonetheless.

I feel that as I continue I will need to work on getting full paint coverage of my minis. It seems like there are a lot of small crevices which I miss when painting. I can’t really see it in real life, but the photos when enlarged reveal all the defects and missing bits and it is quite disappointing overall.

But, this hobby is kind of a learning process and I am learning. Hopefully I’ll be more competent at it before I get to the more difficult/demanding models. Especially the ones I want to look super nice.

Pardon the blur, don’t have a camera stand with me, nor a professional photo set up. I’m a poor hobbyist!


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