Fluffy lore

As many people are aware, Games Workshop has some pretty cool lore (or fluff as some refer to it). If you are familiar with Warhammer 40k, you know how ridiculous some of the reading materials can be. Age of Sigmar isn’t too much different, but instead of space awesomeness you have medieval-ish awesomeness.

Age of Sigmar is doesn’t have many books out yet, but I’m sure Games Workshop are working on it. So those of you who are lore hungry will probably have to wait while their monkeys on type writers are furiously pounding away.

However, you can check out one of the books now (and for free I might add). The Gates of Azyr (Realmgate Wars Book 1) is actually available on amazon for free (on Kindle). I’ve downloaded it and so far it is an alright read. The style is quite similar to the 40k books in my mind, so if you like that kind of stuff, this might be right up your alley.

Free Kindle Book on Amazon

It basically details the first ‘launch’ of the Stormcast pitting them against the Goretide army as they battle it out around the realm gates. Basically it is a narrative of the Age of Sigmar Starter Box. So if you picked up the starter kit you can play out the book basically, which is kinda neat I think. Regardless, it is a free book and who can argue with that price?

Happy reading!


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