So, I’ve neglected this blog a for a while now. Life is a bit crushing at times; especially adult life. Work and stuff just kinda takes away a lot of hobby time, but I suppose one must carry on.

That is to say, I have been working on stuff, just not as much as I’d like. I’ve also been buying stuff as well (which I should probably cut back on!)

Let’s update this in chronological order then, shall we?

So from my starter box, I had finished my squad(s) of Liberators. I was quite happy with the Romanesque colour scheme; it fit well with the shields and overall look. My next task was doing the Retributors.

These are the heavy shock troops of the Stormcast army. Hulking brutes wielding giant smoosh-your-face-in hammers and clad in armour that would crush a normal human. These were also known as the Paladins (along with the Decimators and Protectors) in the army. With such a different role to play, I thought they should get a different colour scheme.

I thought a nice subtle green colour would be suitable for them. A more solemn colour, with an air of authority. Plus, Guan Yu looks badass.

It worked out quite well I think. Primed with black, I based the model mostly with Caliban Green and Retributor Armour, then shaded with Nuln Oil. I went very mild with the highlight in Warpstone Glow and Auric Armour Gold. I might go back over them just to highlight some bits a bit more now that I think of it.

These photos were taken a while back. Since then, I’ve also added a nice lightning effect to the hammer of the Retributor Prime which looks quite nice. I still haven’t gotten around to adding their ornamental back-piece yet, but that can wait.

I’ve already taken them into my first couple of skirmish matches and they are quite decent. They really pack a punch and definitely worth taking into battle with you. So much so that…

More smash

… another squad of them is warranted.


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